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I'm writing the answers...

on cheap paper napkins

her firefly stare
25 October 1987
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Hey! I'm Danielle. I'm from a small town in central NJ but go to school at Catholic U in DC, and I LOVE DC! I love to dance more than anything, and also love acting, performing, and singing. Music is a HUGE part of my life, I think I'd die without it.

Favorite Music:
something corporate, jacks mannequin, the academy is, acceptance, all time low, amor for sleep, anathallo, anberlin, army of me, as tall as lions, augustana, bandcamp, bayside, ben folds, the bigger lights, bikelock, billy joel, bob dylan, bon jovi, boys like girls, brand new, bright eyes, bruce springsteen, the calling, cartel, cobra starship, copeland, daphne loves derby, dashboard confessional, david melillo, days away, dropout year, dropping daylight, the early november, envy on the coast, firescape, the fleshy, forever the sickest kids, the format, further seems forever, the get up kids, the goo goo dolls, the graduate, gym class heros, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, the higher, the hint, hit the lights, holiday parade, hometown anthem, hotspur, houston calls, the hush sound, incubus, jamisonparker, jimmy eat world, john mayer, june, just surrender, liam and me, lovedrug, lydia, mae, mashlin, matt nathanson, matt wertz, meg and dia, melee, michelle branch, monty are I, the morning light, motion city soundtrack, my favorite highway, nada surf, new atlantic, nightmare of you, paramore, the postal service, the real you, rediscover, the recieving end of sirens, reign of kindo, remember maine, rilo kiley, rock kills kid, the rocket summer, rookie of the year, saves the day, self against city, sherwood, sound the alarm, the spill canvas, the starting line, street to nowhere, this day and age, this providence, thrice, transtion, valencia, waking ashland, we are the fury
Favorite TV Shows:
Greys Anatomy, Will and Grace, Food Network, Friends, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, Food Network, Boy Meets World, Sex and the City, Food Network, Two and a Half Men, Happy Days, I Love Lucy, Food Network, Samantha Who?, Private Practice, Food Network
Favorite Movies:
The Notebook, Love Actually, Closer, 27 Dresses, PS I Love You, Superbad, Shopgirl, 40 Year Old Virgin, Dead Poet's Society, Virgin Suicides, Big Fish, V for Vendetta, Little Miss Sunshine, Donny Darko, A Walk to Rememeber,
Garden State, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Dazed and Confused, Devil Wears Prada, etc..
Favorite Books:
all Nora Roberts books, The Great Gatsby, The Things They Carried, Breathing Underwater, Passing, Handmaids Tale, (plays) The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire etc.